who the fk even reads this ay???
year 13 sucks


probably the reason why im still single is because i didnt forward those chain messages when i was 13 yrs old

omg grilled cheese is a toasted sandwich omg omg omg 

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if u follow enough popular ppl on tumblr it begins to feel like high school


another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

  • she
  • he
  • they
  • im
  • yea
  • well
  • if
  • ok

i literally haven’t thought about one direction regularly in so long and im so f’n readyyyy for this tour 


why cant one direction just do a studpi video diary or just any damn video why did they stop everything the fuck…



The worst part of the TMH tour was the fact that they had almost NO interviews the entire tour. They better go back to UAN era where they were doing several interviews at every stop.

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